Crufts Award Winning, City & Guilds Qualified Professional Dog Groomers in Brantham, Suffolk


Starbarks is an all breed dog grooming salon based in Brantham, Suffolk / Essex border.

Helen is a groomer of Crufts winners & Show Champions, having studied at the renowned Writtle University College to gain her City & Guilds Level 3 qualification in Professional Dog Grooming, gaining distinctions in every unit the mark was obtainable in. She has years of experience in the canine world, including many years attending and sitting on the committee of a local dog obedience club.

Aside from pampering all kinds of beloved dogs, Helen specialises in hand stripping for all traditionally hand stripped / wire coated breeds, passing her City & Guilds Hand Stripping Diploma Exam with flying colours.

Helen shows & judges Italian Spinoni and is able to offer expert Italian Spinone grooming / hand stripping to Kennel Club breed standard. She is proud to be endorsed as a breed specialist groomer by the Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain.
Currently there are only 4 professional groomers in the country who are able to groom the breed correctly, even the top groomers in the country just can't seem to get it right. So please be careful who you trust with your Spinone if you wish to retain their beautiful unique look.

All dogs are looked after & pampered on a one-to-one basis in a quiet home environment where we strive to create a relaxing, calm and enjoyable experience for your pet.

Wherever you are in the country, whatever breed of dog you have, please ensure your groomer is qualified. I have yet to find another qualified groomer in my area, even though some say they are. Unfortunately it is very easy for anyone to purchase a £20 online course and then declare themselves qualified, you can not learn to groom dogs, and more importantly ensure their safety by answering a few simple questions on your computer. There are also many groomers who display certificates that are not from any recognised body and, as such, are no different than me designing my own and printing it off.
The certificates you need to look for are City & Guilds Level 3. (C&G Level 2 is only a bathing & drying qualification so not good enough to groom dogs in full).


Helen always has your dogs best interests at heart and there is nothing more important than staying up to date with all the relevant information and skills needed if your dog should become poorly whilst at Starbarks.
Helen is certified in First Aid For Dogs so you have peace of mind when leaving your beloved pet to be groomed.
Also experienced with epileptic dogs, you can rest assured your dog will be in safe hands if you do have a dog that suffers from seizures.


Starbarks never has and never will share your information to any third parties and any data collected is only done so to provide a high level of service.
Please click the link below to download our Data Privacy Notice.

At Starbarks we have a passion for grooming whether it is for a breed standard cut or a pet clip, all dogs are turned out to the highest standard.



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