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Q: How often should I get my dog groomed?
A: I am regularly asked this question and generally I would recommend every 6-10 weeks. If hand stripping, keeping on top of it on a regular basis makes it much easier on both the dog and me! It also depends on how you want your dog to look - if you like them shorter then bring them more often, if you prefer the shaggy look then you can leave it longer, however, please don't forget to comb them thoroughly at least twice a week to prevent any matting between appointments.

Q: At what age can I bring my puppy to you?
A: As long as they've had their vaccinations and are able to go out for walks we can accept them for grooming, this is usually from 12 weeks of age. The sooner you can bring your puppy the better.

Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?
A: This will depend on your dogs breed, size, temperament and condition of the coat. On average it takes around 2 hours.

Q: My hand stripped dog is not very hairy, can I just get a tidy up?
A: I often get asked to just "tidy up" a hand stripped dog, or if I will offer a discount because their hair is not very long. I always try to be as fair as possible but with hand stripping the length of coat doesn't make a difference to the work involved. I still have to strip every hair, regardless of whether it's 1cm or 10cm long. A shorter coated dog may not look like a big transformation when it's finished but that does not mean the same amount of work hasn't been put in, because, believe me, it has!

Q: My dog is in season/ just been neutered/pregnant, can they still be groomed?

A: Bitches in season can still be groomed as long as they feel comfortable and you have informed me prior to arriving. Neutered dogs/spayed bitches must wait at least 2 weeks post-op to allow the wound to close and tenderness to reduce. I will not groom any pregnant bitches as there can be a substantial risk to the unborn puppies. I will happily groom your bitch once the puppies have been weaned.

Q: Can I stay with my dog at the salon?

A: No sorry. Dogs tend to settle a lot easier when their owners have left. When you leave the dog with us we will take a contact number and call you when your dog is ready for collection.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?
A: Yes, appointments are required as all dogs get one to one attention.

Q: I have been quoted cheaper elsewhere, will you match their price?
A: No, sorry. I am City & Guilds qualified which many cheaper groomers are not. I am also a hand stripping specialist, many other groomers say they will hand strip but they cut corners using tools, ruining the coat and this then allows them to charge cheaper prices as it takes much less time. My prices reflect the quality and pride I take in my work. They also allow me to use the best quality equipment and products.
As the saying goes "You get what you pay for".

Q: Do you do anal glands/dentals/ear plucking?
A: Sorry, no. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has now deemed all these as veterinary procedures and therefore under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 we, as groomers are no longer recommended to do so.

Q: Is there parking at the address?
A: Yes. Please pull onto the drive to drop your dog off.

Q: Can I book my next appointment in advance?
A: Yes, by doing this we can guarantee a day and time to suit your needs.

Q: I'm travelling a considerable distance, what can I do whilst I wait?
A: I am lucky enough to have clients from all over the country, from Yorkshire to Hampshire & everywhere in between. Below I have listed a few places of interest you may wish to visit whilst your dog is being pampered.

FIELDS FARM SHOP & CAFÉ (plus horses, goats, pigs etc to make a fuss of)
www.facebook.com/fieldsfarmshop - Selling sustainably sourced, local produce and serving delicious seasonal menus daily - half a mile away.

www.thebranthambull.com - Dog friendly gastro pub - 1 mile away.

www.placeforplants.co.uk - Plant Centre, Garden & Arboretum, Café - 1 mile away.

www.thepinkshedbeauty.co.uk - Your dog is having their spa day, why not have your own - 1 mile away.

www.constablepark.co.uk - Holiday & Leisure Park offering glamping, kayak & paddleboard hire with onsite coffee house. Set in the heart of Constable Country overlooking Dedham Vale and the RSPB nature reserve in Brantham
- 1.5 miles away.

DEDHAM - Area of Natural Beauty

- The beautiful village of Dedham - 2 miles away.

www.nationaltrust.org.uk/flatford & www.nationaltrust.org.uk/flatford/trails/flatford-and-constable-country-walk -
The Flatford and Constable walking trail is featured on ITV's Britiain's Favourite Walks: Top 100. This is a moderate, 4 to 7 mile walk that explores the picturesque Stour Valley and Dedham Vale, made famous by the 18th-century paintings of John Constable, England’s foremost landscape artist of the time
- 2 miles away.

www.jimmysfarm.com - Jimmy Doherty's working farm, wildlife park, restaurant, tea rooms, farm shop & butchery. - 5 miles away.

www.anglianwaterparks.co.uk/alton-water - 400 acre Water Park offering watersports, walking, camping, cycling, fishing & a café - 5 miles away.

www.suffolkfoodhall.co.uk - Rustic-style farmers market which includes gourmet food, a restaurant, farm shop, wine stalls, a chocolate shop & many more - 7 miles away.

Manningtree town centre is just 2 miles away with the bigger towns of Colchester & Ipswich both 10 miles away if you fancy a wander around.


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