At Starbarks we specialise in Hand Stripping. We own and groom the Italian Spinone for show and understand the more complex methods involved in achieving the correct coat presentation.
This method of grooming is carried out less and less in pet grooming salons as a result of time restrictions or a lack of good training.
I would always suggest you question your groomer as I've previously worked with groomers who have used tools such as de-shedders, Coat Kings etc, this is NOT hand stripping and will ruin the texture of the coat.

Wire coats are hand stripped for three reasons; to maintain the harsh correct texture, to keep a rich colour and to maintain the dogs skin. Before you consider hand stripping you need to consider the factors below.

Is the dog neutered? -
Neutering a dog will change its hormones and therefore over time it may affect the coat. Although this is not always the case, their coats may eventually become softer and harder to strip out once they have been neutered.

How old is the dog? - As dogs age, their hormones will change and again this can affect the texture of the coat meaning it may become softer and harder to strip.

Has the dog been clipped in the past? - If your dog has been clipped in the past then it is likely that the coat texture has already changed and has become softer. It is sometime possible, with a lot of work, to bring these coats back to a hand strip coat but it will take a lot of time, effort and expense. Having said that, I have found a lot of my clients keep their harsh coat texture even after being clipped and I have still been able to strip them successfully, it all depends on the individuals coat.

The technique for hand stripping involves pulling out the dead top coat using finger and thumb only to leave a more natural look than clipping. We do NOT cheat by using Coat Kings or Furminators here. .It should be carried out on breeds with wire coats to maintain the correct coat texture and colour. Dogs should be stripped every 6-16 weeks, depending on their coat.

To note: If we are hand stripping your dog we will not be bathing him/her. This is because of the risk of causing post-grooming furunculosis as stripping will open the pores. The dogs wellbeing is our main priority here so there will be no exceptions.

Feel free to speak to us about your dogs individual needs and what would suit your and your dogs lifestyle.

Please click the link below to download our T&C's
These must be read & understood and all bookings are subject to them



Payments are accepted by Cash Only
or by bank transfer at least 24 hours in advance (non-refundable)


Fleas and Ticks
If your dog is found to have either fleas or ticks during the grooming session you will be charged an additional £10 to cover the cost of treating the premises, the equipment & the expensive of cancelling & re-arranging the rest of the days clients.

If your dog is matted in any area of the coat, you will be charged an extra £10. However, we will only allow a maximum of 30 minutes de-matting time before we feel that it becomes unnecessarily cruel to continue and then we either clip the matts off or you have the option to continue the de-matting at home.

If you are unable to keep your appointment it is the owners responsibility to let us know as soon as possible. If you give less than 48 hours notice a cancellation fee of 50% of the full groom cost will be payable. If you “no show” then the full amount of the groom will be payable.

Please ensure you collect your pet at the arranged time, please call immediately if you are running late. Whilst I do allow reasonable leeway, a late sitting fee of £5 per 15 minutes will be added to the cost of the groom.


F.A.Q s

Q: How often should I get my dog groomed?
A: I am frequently asked this question and generally I would recommend every 6-10 weeks. If hand stripping, keeping on top of it on a regular basis makes it much easier on both the dog and me! It also depends on how you want your dog to look - if you like them shorter then bring them more often, if you prefer the shaggy look then you can leave it longer, however, please don't forget to comb them thoroughly at least twice a week to prevent any matting between appointments.

Q: At what age can I bring my puppy to you?
A: As long as they've had their vaccinations and are able to go out for walks we can accept them for grooming, this is usually from 12 weeks of age. The sooner you can bring your puppy the better.

Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?
A: This will depend on your dogs breed, size, temperament and condition of the coat. On average it takes around 2 hours.

Q: My dog is in season/ just been neutered/pregnant, can they still be groomed?

A: Bitches in season can still be groomed as long as they feel comfortable and you have informed me prior to arriving. Neutered dogs/spayed bitches must wait at least 2 weeks post-op to allow the wound to close and tenderness to reduce. I will not groom any pregnant bitches as there can be a substantial risk to the unborn puppies. I will happily groom your bitch once the puppies have been weaned.

Q: Can I stay with my dog at the parlour?

A: No sorry. Dogs tend to settle a lot easier when their owners have left. When you leave the dog with us we will take a contact number and call you when your dog is ready for collection.

Q: I'm travelling a considerable distance, what can I do whilst I wait?
A: I am lucky enough to have customers from all over the country, from Yorkshire to Hampshire & everywhere in between. Most of my customers tend to visit one of the places listed below.

FREEPORT - Shopping village/restaurants/cinema - 4 miles away.

THE BLUE EGG - Farm Shop/restaurant/gifts - 5 miles away.

THE BELL PUB - Village Gastro Pub - 0.3 miles away.

NOTLEY DISCOVERY CENTRE & COUNTRY PARK - 100 acres of open space - 5 miles away.

Or, if you just fancy a walk with your other dog/s while you wait then our village is awash with public footpaths, fields etc, you can walk for miles in all directions. Just ask!

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Prices are dependant on breed, size & the condition of your dogs coat.
Please contact me for a quote using the details on the contact page of this website.

Q: I have been quoted cheaper elsewhere, will you match their price?
A: No, sorry. I am City & Guilds qualified which many cheaper groomers are not. I am also a hand stripping specialist, many other groomers say they will hand strip but they cut corners using tools, ruining the coat and this then allows them to charge cheaper prices as it takes much less time. My prices reflect the quality and pride I take in my work. They also allow me to use the best quality equipment and products.
As the saying goes "You get what you pay for".

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?
A: Yes, appointments are required as all dogs get one to one attention.

Q: Do you do anal glands/dentals/ear plucking?
A: Sorry, no. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has now deemed all these as veterinary procedures and therefore under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 we, as groomers are no longer recommended to do so.

Q: Do you clip nails?
A: Yes, nail clipping, if needed is always included with a full groom. However, you can book at any time to have this done while you wait at a cost of £8 (please contact us for an appointment).

Q: Is there parking at the address?
A: Yes. There is plenty of street parking immediately outside or feel free to pull onto the drive to drop your dog off.

Q: Can I book my next appointment in advance?
A: Yes, by doing this we can guarantee a day and time to suit your needs.




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